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    OPTIMA Battery Charger On Sale $188.99 Plus Free Shipping!

    On Top Of Building Great Batteries. OPTIMA has introduced their Digital 1200 Battery Charger.

    The OPTIMA Chargerss Digital 1200 Battery Charger enhances the performance of OPTIMA and other AGM batteries, recovers deeply discharged battery and extends battery life. It also features a tri-color LCD display for charging, maintaining and fault mode indication. With a gauge that displays battery charging and fill rate with charger mode and fault messages, this new product offers one of the best user interfaces on the market. Other innovative features include an integrated LED work light with ergonomically designed DC charging clamps, quick set selections that prompt users with a quick and easy selection of charge profiles by battery type of battery maintainer by connection type, and USB charging for iPads, iPhones and other devices such as cameras and phones.

    Click Here For More Information & Get Yours Today

    Email Us At sales@fueled4wd.com

    Or Call 888-825-6284

    OPTIMA Battery Charger On Sale 8.99 Plus Free Shipping!-0812new-gear-charger.jpg

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    Re: OPTIMA Battery Charger On Sale $188.99 Plus Free Shipping!

    We have just lowered pricing again on the most popular Optima Batteries we sell and include Free Shipping On ALL Optima Batteries & Chargers!

    Shop Optima Batteries Here!

    Questions about fitment? Email
    for assistance with your battery order.

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