SKU: MB4058-NG

The Motobilt Jeep JK rear 1 ton axle swap makes installing a beefy rear axle in your Jeep a breeze. When designing our kit we wanted it to be easy to install. Whether you are a professional shop, or a DIY fabricator at home, this kit will save you time and money. Our kit spans much further across the axle than other kits on the market. This allows us to incorporate the spring mounts into the truss. You will simply bolt the pinion support onto the axle, and then set all of the other components onto the top. With the aligning tabs and slots, the install is fool proof.

The kit was designed to work with the GM 14 bolt rear axle that was found in 1996-2006 GM 2500 and 3500 Single Rear Wheel axle trucks. The wheel mounting surface (WMS) will be 68"s wide and the casting on the center differential has lots of ribbing. Do not use an axle from a van as the differential is offset. When installing this axle, remember that you will need to address things such as the 8x6.5 bolt pattern vs. the Jeep's factory 5x5 bolt pattern. Also brake components such as the tone rings and abs sensors will need to be addressed as they are not included in this kit.

Optional HD steel diff cover (MB4012) is also available at a discounted rate in the drop down menu.

The axle truss ships raw steel and will recquire professional welding.

Laser cut and CNC formed from 1/4" thick steel plate
integrated coil spring mounts with truss
Easy install with no measurements needed.
Track bar has 4 mounting locations in case you change up your suspension
Main truss body is one solid piece with several support beams made of 1/4" steel plate
Coil spring mounts have a built in threaded nut to use with a spring retainer
Upper and lower link mounts are formed so that your suspenion is still in alignment once the wider axles are installed
Can easily by changed if you want to run a custom suspension design.