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Whether you want more safety for your daily driver or more offroad bite, this package offers the best of both worlds. With products from industry leading manufactures OX Locker and Revolution Gear and Axle, you will have the confidence to take on any driving situation.

Now you can get two great products to make your rig both a true daily driver and an offroading beast. Choose the ratio, axles, and other options to get you started on your chosen adventure!

Revolution Gear:

When you need a quality gear set - look no further than Revolution Gear & Axle. Revolution offers a full line of Premium, Top Quality Ring and Pinion gear sets in all the popular ratios to accommodate most light trucks, Jeeps and rear-wheel drive passenger cars. Revolution ring and pinion sets are constructed to last longer, run quieter and setup easier than other aftermarket gears. They do this by concentrating on every detail in the manufacturing processes of thier gears. From design, to final inspection Revolutions attention to detail and precision guarantees that youre getting the highest quality gear set available (Circle K stamped).

Click here for new ring and pinion break in procedure.

OX Locker:

OX Lockers are MADE IN USA and offer superior reliability and performance. They are offered with the widest variety of options available using, 100% mechanical, air, or electric shifting systems. The locking differential is the same regardless of your choice of shift system, allowing an easy switch from one shift system to another. In addition all lockers and shift systems are compatible with our failsafe mechanical backup locking device.

OX Locker Installation Instructions