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    Cool DV8 Heat Reduction Hood - Jeep JL

    DV8 Heat Dispersion Hood For JL 2018+ Jeep Wrangler all models.

    Constructed from stamped steel offering added strength and reduced weight. This design provides much better air flow with its vented layout and allows engine heat to disperse through those vents which helps in keeping the engine and overall compartment temps down while crawling which is when air flow becomes a problem. This results in all-around increased performance.

    Our hoods come with an under hood insulation liner and are prepped with a rust inhibitor ready to be prepped, painted, and installed.

    Made from stamped steel, strong and light weight
    Dual vented design for maximum air flow
    Insulated under hood liner included
    Prepped with a rust inhibitor and ready to be primed for paint

    Note: Recommend professional installation including prep, fitting, seam sealer and painting for ultimate fitment. Always test fit before painting.
    DV8 Heat Reduction Hood - Jeep JL

    Product Code: HDMJL-01
    Availability: In Stock

    $749.95 (add to cart for best price) Click image above to order online!!

    Have a blessed and prosperous day!

    Allen's Offroad - 530-620-1100
    Email me at: sales@allensoffroad.com

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    DV8 Heat Reduction Hood Jeep JL

    My 67 RS Camaro wont have any heat extraction through the hood and I have an LS9 418 that was built by Thomson Automotive. My 67 RS camaro has been in the same shop as Stielows builds. Mule had a twin turbo and Mark had the hood modified for the vents, but he had a 3 carbon fiber hood made at the same time based on that design. Jeff

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