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    Plasti Dip Wheels

    Plasti Dip Wheels

    01 Buy 2 cans of Plasti Dip from Performix. I got them at Home Depo for $6.00 each.

    Plasti Dip Wheels-pdwh110.jpg

    02 Wash and clean your wheels with some thing good like Simple green.
    Then dry the wheels.

    03 Stuff plastic bags all around the rotor make sure the rotor is covered completely.

    Plasti Dip Wheels-pdwh10.jpg

    04 Spray on a even coat over the whole wheel. It should look like this.

    Plasti Dip Wheels-pdwh210.jpg

    05 Wait 30 minutes and rotate the wheels 180 degrees and make sure your bags are still covering the rotors than apply 2nd coat and make sure you get the entire wheel.

    06 Remove the bags and your done and enjoy your new look. The can said to let dry 4 hour before use.

    Plasti Dip Wheels-pdwh310.jpg

    Letís see how long it last.
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    Re: Plasti Dip Wheels

    Tire shine will eat it off the wheel

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    Re: Plasti Dip Wheels

    Those look nice. The jeep looks good with the black rim.

  4. Re: Plasti Dip Wheels

    Update please. How's it holding up?

  5. Re: Plasti Dip Wheels

    Any other brand than performix?

    Quote Originally Posted by wcanderson30 View Post
    Update please. How's it holding up?
    Yeah, just curious how is it now..

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