1. DJ-5G Postal Jeep

    My son Taylor who is a rural postal carrier are restoring a DJ5G Jeep. We replaced the ball joints, tie rod ends, steering damper and a rebuilt steering gear box. However the Jeep is still hard to drive. You have to fight the steering wheel when you do drive and you have to stay below 30mph without loosening control. Is there anyone who can help us with this problem? All comments will be welcomed.

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    Re: DJ-5G Postal Jeep

    First you done a dry steer test? Engine off. One looks at all steering components while the other turns the wheel from stop to stop.
    What to look for is movement in ball joints, tie rod ends, leaf spring bushings,track bar, frame, steering box.
    Older jeep frames tend to crack allowing movement. It becomes more pronounced with large tires.
    You could weld the frame and add a gearbox support.

    Any lift? How tall tires?
    Have you completed an alignment?

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    "Never look down on anybody unless you're helping him up" - Jesse Jackson

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    Re: DJ-5G Postal Jeep

    The speed seems normal, if not fast for the USPS.

    Seriously, jack up the front end, use some jack stands, then test the steering with no load on the front suspension. Run the steering wheel lock to lock and have someone observe the suspension for binding, etc. while the steering wheel is being turned.

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