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    HELP no spark all of sudden

    Hey guys please help. I did the entire TFI igniton upgrade a couple years ago and it's been running great. The problem is after I did and oil change, I let it run for a bit then turn it off. I Mistakenly left the keys in and turned to the ON position. The last time I did that... the igniton coil got super hot and I had to replace it. And everything worked fine. Keep in mind I'm running the TFI upgrade so I have the ignition coil from a 1982-83 f150. Anyways now I tried replacing the igniton coil again and..nothing. PLEASE HELP. This thing is not getting spark and yes the ignition coil reads 12vs so it's not bad. I'm at a loss guys I even replaced the ICM still nothing. any ideas guys? I'm new to the forums and would appreciate/recommendations some help with this!

    89 Jeep YJ 6”lift 35s 4.2 I6 TFI upgrade MC2100 carb 8.8 axle swap 4.10 gear ratios

  2. Re: HELP no spark all of sudden

    Have you managed to figure out as to why there's no spark?

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