1. Red face fuel gage problem

    i have a 79 cj7 that i am having a problem with the fuel gage, i replaced the sending unit and a none factory gauge and it still won't work need help.I dropped the tank again after i put the new sensor in and checked it out and it looked good and double checked the wiring on the gauge any one having or Had this problem.
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    Re: fuel gage problem

    Does your temp gauge work the fuel and temp gauge share a common connection if one is bad it messes with the other.

  3. Re: fuel gage problem

    Don't feel so bad, my 78 gauge cluster works when it wants.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mwells72774 View Post
    Don't feel so bad, my 78 gauge cluster works when it wants.
    I don't think he does feel bad. He stopped complaining in 2011.

    For your issue have you verified you have good connections and clean grounds? Most electrical issues are ground connection relayed.
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  5. fuel gage problem

    Not yet. The "dash" torque screws are rusted to the point they're mostly gone. Winter project. It rounds and drives now, minus the junk transfer case that's way past bad. Sounds like trolls hammering through the floor

    Where is a reliable wiring diagram available?

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