1. I have a 1988 cherokee limited. I just replaced all 4 shocks and when I go forward there is a distinctive thump, and then everything's fine. This same thump appears each time I change direction. Any ideas what's causing this thump? I had the thump before the shock replacement, and I was hoping the shocks would solve it.... they didn't. Any ideas would help. Thanks

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    something loose in the steering system or suspension setup... just gotta either crawl under there and see what it is or have a shop look at it...

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    I say the trac bar is loose. That sound like what happens when my trac bar loosens up.
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    Most likely the track bar. Make sure it is very tight, including the upper mount into the subframe.

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    When my 00XJ was brand new I had the same problem, ended up being that the sway bar was contacting the frame on the drivers side. They centred it tightened everything up and road tested it. It moved again so they replaced the inner sway bar bushings and centred it. No problems since. Good Luck!

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    Have the same problem, in my case definetly the trac bar. Just ordered the adjustable track bar and mount from Rusty's 2 days ago, still having death wobble probs too. Hope this'll cure it.

    While I was at it, got the performance exhaust kit from Rusty's too. FYI they are having a sale. $200 for Flowmaster Exhaust, Rusty's Airtube and Standard K&N Filter. Not bad.

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    sounds like a bad u-joint.. they will thump when starting out or changing direction if they are getting sloppy. also could be slop in the pumpkin...
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