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    Does anybody know the easiest way to pull a 4.0 out of a cherokee?
    Do you need to drop the transmission and t-case?Or is ther an easier way?
    Any help is greatly appriciated!!!!!

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    you might be able to get it out with the transmission, if you remove the radiator and maybe some of the grill assembly too, but definitly not with the tcase. its not too much work to disconnect the transmission.

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    I had to take off the grill support and, because the front end is lightly wrecked so taking out the radiator and A/C condensor was in the game plan. I ended up dropping the t-case and transmission to get to the top bellhousing bolts then putting it backand getting the rest of the bolts.

    Thanks for the input

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    I had to pull the 4.0 out by itself, without either the transmission or t-case attached. My Cherokee had so little clearence between the radiator and engine, so it was a tight fit.

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  5. we pulled my friends with out the transmission and tcase, we remover the front clip and radiator. the only hard part were the 12 point star bolts at the top of the bellhousing. ( use alot of extensions). good luck.
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