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    I have an '87 Chrokee, and every once in a while (about 3 times a week if more) I go out to start my jeep and it won't start. It turns over at full power, but my rpm guage just sits there. All I have to do is push start it (turn key on, put in reverse,push, pop the clutch, and start) and it will start everytime I do that. I have checked the plugs, timing, fuel pump(bleeder vaulve up by the fuel injection and it sprays gas). Nothing will help. I need to know how I can get this thing to start every time like it should. Winter is coming and I don't wanna have to try and push it in the snow. HELP!!! Thanks.[addsig]

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    sounds like your starter or solenoid is going bad. you can pull it and have an auto shop check it on the bench. the older a car gets the more and more other items start to wear out. battery connections, cables, relays and switches. check and make sure everything is tight and clean.[addsig]

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    Something alot of people forget, is that there are two wires running to the module, then to the coil. One (normal run) has a resistor that cuts back the volts and in effect the high voltage spark. The other bypasses the resisitor when the ignition switch is in the start possition. It´s been known to happen, that the ignition switch makes poor contact when in the start possition, sometimes making no spark during starting (or cranking). [addsig]

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    Could also be the TDC sensor. Here is some tech stuff on it:


    I've heard that you can dissconnect it and reconnect it and that should be a VERY temperary fix. It should help you narrow it down.[addsig]

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