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    I am going to do the front brakes on my 00 XJ sometime soon. I went down to autozone and they have ceramic, carbon/metallic, and some other/metallic option for pads. What should I get? Does anybody know what was stock?

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    Last time I did front brakes I used a semi-metallic pad (not sure what the non-metallic part was). I think they were either the cheapest or the second cheapest pads, though. I've had no problems with them.

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    autozone is just starting to carry Duralast Gold series pads.. they are great pads.. they are replacing Raybestos pads now... But you can go Albany (or equal) pads for cheap, if you replace the rotors with them, you should have no problem at all, and the albanies are lifetime pads
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    87 YJ Ignition Problems

    I'm hoping to have the rotors turned.

    They tried to tell me that the albany or duralast would squeal more than the ceramic... Is this true? My buddy did his XJ and the brakes squealed all the time, but he moved away so I am not sure what he used. I have albany on my CJ b/c they were the cheapest and they work just fine, but I care a little more about the XJ.

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    If you had $500............

    I will vouch that the albany's do squeal a little during light braking. However they have always stopped the jeeps I have. They do not squeal under heavy braking though.
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    I had a set of ceramic pads put on my last car (uh it's been a while), but they were great - no brake dust!!!

    I would definately get ceramic pads again.

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    Anyone here use weatherbug on thier pc?

    Thanks guys... I really appreciate you taking the time to give your advice. Have a good weekend.

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