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    Allright I am installing a combination alarm/remote start on my wifes 97ZJ. I am having problems getting the keyless entry module to work with the stock one. The main problem is that I cannot not find the stock keyless intry module. Does anybody know were it is on a 97ZJ. My 94ZJ has it in the overhead consule like my haynes manual says it should be. However I removed my wifes overhead consule and did not see anything resembling the one in the 94. The door lock relays are also a mystery. The 94 has them in the glove box while the 97 has a crapload of relays in the right kickpanel none seem to be actuated by the doorlocks. Does anybody know where I can find either the stock keyless entry module or perhaps know of a different place besides the ones I mentioned to for the door lock relays on a 97 grand?

    I am not above completely removeing stock keyless entry and replacing with the new alarm if that is what it takes. Just cant seem to remove something I cannot find.
    05 TJ on 32's

  2. when I installed my alarm I didnt even bother messing with the factory keyless entry. all I did was tap into the regular door locs and unlcok wires and now they both work. here is a little info about that vehicle

    Door Trigger Yellow (-) Driver's Kick Panel

    Door Lock 5/Wire in Driver's Inside Driver's Door Orange/Purple Lock Pink/Black Unlock

    Door Unlock and Passenger's Doors Inside Passenger's Door Black/White L Pink/Black Unlock

    and here is more info on the alarm wires inside that vehicle. you might have to sign up for a yahoo thingy but it is well worth it!!!


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    I actually found the website you mentioned about 10 minutes after I posted this. I now know that later model ZJ's have two seperate relay controls for door locks. One is in the drivers door that controls just the drivers door. the one in the passenger door controls all other doors. I wish the haynes manual was more clear on this wiring. I ended up frying a wire on the keyless entry board and had to solder another in its place. I have ordered some relays to do the door lock controls they will be here next week. two for each side. I also cant seem to get the right wire that turns on the ignition system for the remote start. I thought I had it right yesterday but apparently now I dont. Now I know why the alarm dealer quoted me $500 dollars to install these in both these jeeps. I think I would be easier if haynes had more detailed electrical drawings.
    05 TJ on 32's

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