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  1. Just out of curiosity....

    Are SYE's always 100% successful in removing driveline vibes? Theoretically, if I got a 8" lift and got vibes, could I rest assured that if I slap on a SYE with a CV Shaft, the vibes would go away?

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    Generally speaking, yes. Keep in mind that double cardan joints usually have limits, certain maximum angles of operation. You also have to address front driveshaft issues as well.

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    So. If I get a 6" rockready kit with an SYE, i should be fine?

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    i would think so. they make extreme angle cardan joint.

    this is where i bought my SYE and shaft. very happy with the whole ordeal. very solid product

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    ya, you should be fine with a SYE and 6" lift.

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    i just did my soa, about 8 inches, but havent gotten my driveshafts yet. looking at the angle its gonna be i dont think itll be too bad at the cv joint. what kind of jeep is it going on?
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    Its gona be for a 01 XJ.
    Another thought. If I get a BDS 3" system, do you think I will need new control arms? Cuz, some XJ's run 3" with stock control arms.

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    The BDS 3" should come with the lower control arms. They are not adjustable, but designed for their lift's lift height.

    I have more lift than that with stock arms. I will upgrade, but I'm in no hurry. Rides ok, steering is correct (finally)

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    Quote Originally Posted by TwistedCopper
    The BDS 3" should come with the lower control arms.
    The 3" BDS lift I put on my TJ did not come with lower arms(optional). Was told since I put the 1.75" coil spacers on with the 3" that BDS recommended using them. Might want to check to make sure.
    IT WAS... a 97 TJ, 7.75" of lift w/disconnects, SYE, 4.88's, 36x14.50 Super Swamper TSL Radials, 4000# Warn Winch NOW...2000 Chevy Z71!

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    I would install longer lower control arms (fixed or adjustible) for any lift 3" and up. Too many reports of DW with stock arms, and it really helps with suspension and steering geometry.

    You'll be fine at 6" with a SYE, friend of mine did the 8" kit on his XJ.

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    Damnit. I wish I had more money now. haha. I'm going back to college this sunday and I will stop by and ask my local mudder shop prices on a BDS 4" system with rear leafs and control arms with a trackbar relocation, and t'case drop.
    I got quoted 950 for the parts and labor (unknown control arms)

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    That price doesn't sound too unreasonable considering what Labor costs these days.

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