1. just wondering how many miles some of you have on your cherokee's . i just got a '96 sport with 187,000 on her. she's super clean inside and out, i've got some plans for her in the future. later jc

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    miles on cherokee's

    Jeepy, my 2000 XJ has 71367 miles on it as of right now, this very instant. I bought it 2 years ago last May with like 24000 miles on it. I average a bit over 20000 miles a year on it, with constant round trips up north and back, and the more infrequent trip to Texas, or Virginia...

    Ixytre does not get online much, very busy with school and such. He is my roommate, and fellow Cherokee owner. Cheryl, his 1995 XJ has 124165, the latest 20000 being on a new engine block after his mom killed the old one.

    the feeling's forever...

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    I know of a 90 XJ with close to 300k on it and still going strong.
    When I Die, Bury me in my JEEP. 'Cause it's never been in a hole it couldn't get out of!

    1995 Grand Cherokee w/ swaybar disconnects and 30" tires and a 2000 Grand Cherokee stock.

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    2000 XJ 61K miles. A mere spring chicken!!!

  5. got a 96' sport with 138,000 on the body and round 20,000 on the motor. yanked it for some performance internals.
    super clean inside and out. runs like a champ.

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    I've got over 409,000 on mine

    1988 Jeep Cherokee w/ 410,000+ miles. Now a 100% Electric Vehicle!
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    00 XJ with a little over 81k. Runs great. No problems with the engine. The only problem I have had with the vehicle in general is the A/C is finicky. I love it, and hope it lasts me another 81k.

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    1990 with 4.0, EFI

  9. 91 4.0 EFI 211,200k/mi baby!

    she's still strong too, just in need of tlc as my fellow jeepzsters will tell ya!

    I bought her w/198k last winter and as you can see I've been driving the sh!t out of her (~13k in 6 mo), but as long as I keep up the maintenance on her, she doesnt seem to mind at all

  10. My old Jeep had 100k on original motor and then put on 89k with the 4.7 stroker motor. I found some pics of the stroker on a stand. I gotta find a scanner and post 'em here.

  11. My last cherokee (87 4.0L) blew a connecting rod bearing at 245k sadly this was due to overheating it, not normal death.

    My new one has 145k and is running strong.

    My friend has 3 that run that are in the 175-200k range.

    Solid vehicles.

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    I have a 98 Grand Cherokee with 152.500 miles on it :)

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