1. anyone ever have there front and side marker lights go out, but the back still work. both the side bulbs were blown and i havent got the front ones out yet. but the side ones still dont work.

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    We need a little more info on your jeep. Make, model, year and so forth wiring varies some.
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    its a 96 sport, power everything .

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    In my '00 Sport, these lights are controlled by a 20 amp mini fuse in the panel under the hood... I know it'll probably be different on yours, and since nothing under that panel is labeled except the relays and maxi-fuses (go Chrysler), I could not venture a guess as to exactly which one it is... In mine, like I said, it's a 20 amp, had to wire the other side of my fog light switch to that fuse... That wouldn't explain the bulbs being blown, but it would explain them not coming on after being replaced...

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    If your front lights to the wig wag thing with your lights are on to were they flash alternatly the turn and side marker it could be something to do with the wiring between the side marker and turn lights. I wired my old cherokee to this as the first few years the just flashed the turn and not the side. I not sure how exactly the factory wired this setup. If it works the same way you can you should have your turn and side marker flash together with your lights off and the should wig-wag with the lights on. does anything change when you turn on your lights? make sure all bulbs are good as well.
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