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    Well after hitting a deer at 55 MPH I get the jeep back on wedensday to diagnos my other problem. I posted awhile back about a hissing when I hit the brake pedal and many thought it was the booster. Is there any test i can do to pinpoint the hissing noise to see if it is the booster. Also im going to bleed my brakes and see if that helps any. Is there a "best" way to bleed the brakes. I have talked to a few people that have different methods of doing it. Such as how many times they like to push the pedal down before moving to the next brake. Any ideas on this would help thanks guys.

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    Brake bleeding, I can't help you with, although there is a good writeup in the How-To section... As for the hissing, my best advice you be to have someone hitting the brakes, and someone listening/feeling around the booster; if there is hissing, there is probably air entering/escaping, which you can feel sometimes better than you can hear... Mine, unfortunately was easy; the master cylinder and the booster had a nice big gap between them...

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    Hissing is most always caused by the brake booster, as there is really no other component in the brake system which will make that sound...

    Bleeding procedure should be you start from the wheel farthest from the master cylinder (as far as fluid travel is concerned), then end at the wheel closest to the master cylinder. So for Cherokees, it shoud be:
    - Rear Passenger's side
    - Rear Driver's side
    - Front Passenger's side
    - Front Driver's side.

    When you bleed the brakes, you might want to put a 1/2" thick or so block of wood under the pedal to prevent full stroking the master cylinder during bleeding (prevents the pedal from being pushed al the way to the floor). However, this might not be an issue. It really all depends on how the brake booster push rod is adjusted.

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