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    Have had a problem for a while on my '99 Cherokee. The rear window wiper is just about dead. The washer doesn't work, and the wiper goes very slowly, just one revolution then it's done. The washer stopped working first, then the wiper itself would only work in intermittent, or actually what would be "mist", but it hasn't worked on regular for quite a while. I know it could be the switch, or the motor. The motor is easy to get to, and I'm sure it can be bench tested, but I'm not sure what it will take to get to the switch. I've never tried to pull the dash, or panel on this vehicle. Any suggestions?[addsig]

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    heh... rear wipers are apparently known for failure. they cost about 75 bucks. i just went to a picknpull junkyard yesterday, and out of all 8 or 10 cherokees there, all of them had the rear wiper motors yanked. [addsig]

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