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    RE: Rear Brakes not locking up

    Hey there, My dads 93 xj is stalling every once in a while. It runs great but recently it has been stalling after driving anywhere from 30 min to 2 hours. It doesn't start back up unless you let it sit for about 20 min.

    We replaced the fuel filter, distribuer, rotor, and ignition coil.
    91 YJ 4.0 5spd
    SOA + 1.5" reverse eye RE springs
    D44 LS Rear & ZJ Disks
    4.56 gears
    36"x14.5" Parnelli Jones'
    Jks discos
    Warn XD9000i
    Banks SS exhaust
    High Steer!
    And a bunch of home made stuff!

    Stock 2005 Loaded WK, for now!

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    Re: RE: Re: RE: This may be a first

    Sounds like a bad catalytic converter, the stalling will come sooner with each use. The material in the catalytic converter restricts exhaust as it gets hot, choking the engine. This explains why it will run after letting it cool.

    You can get high-flow replacement Catco converters for around $60 from .

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    check the camshaft poitioning sensor and the vacuum lines. i had the same problems on my xj and c.p.s. was the problem

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