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    RE: Re: RE: BFG All Terrain T/A KO - Black out or White out?

    Got a chance on a set of wrangler rims for next to nothing, as I am in the need of rims, I am wondering is there any size differece? or back spacing? I know they are off of a 01. And that's about all. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    They'll fit just fine. They definately have the same bolt pattern and backspacing. I'm going to use my XJ wheels on my YJ (or my next YJ :? )

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    RE: HELP!!! Need opinions from all Jeepz folks...

    Sizes should all be the same ('cept maybe 7" or 8" in width). Backspacing differs a bit, I believe. Depends on what you're going to but on 'em and put 'em on! No major difference, though.
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  4. Stock XJ wheels are generally a 15x7 with 5.25" BS.
    TJ wheels are usually 15x8 with 5.5" BS.
    Are you going to run larger tires? The 5.5" BS moves the tire INBOARD 1/4". When running bigger tires, you want a lower BS number, which moves the tire outboard. This provides more clearance for turning, so the front tires aren't rubbing as much on the control arms, etc.
    Depending on tire size, and a couple of other factors, I prefer a BS in the 3.25" to 4.75" range...

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    RE: wrangler rims on a xj?

    Many XJ's and Wranglers used identical 15x7 steel 5spoke wheels. All are interchangeable with no problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dirk
    Stock XJ wheels are generally a 15x7 with 5.25" BS.
    TJ wheels are usually 15x8 with 5.5" BS.
    TJ wheels are usually 15x7 with 5.25 BS unless they had the 30" tire/wheel package which came with the 15x8's.

    Several years had the same wheels available on Yj's and XJ's(example: steelies or 5 spoke alloys), and later the same wheels on XJ's and TJ's (example: steelies or Grizzley alloys)

    All the 15x7's have 5.25 BS

  7. Yep.
    I thought he said the aluminum rims. (Canyons, etc)
    My bad.

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