1. Whats up everyone! I'm a 3rd time jeep owner and wanted to brag about my find. I got a 99 Cherokee Sport, 4.0L, with a 3" lift. I just wish I could've done it myself. The other 2 jeeps I owned, I would have loved to put a lift on them. The first was an 84 Cherokee Chief 2 door with the V6. I was young and didn't have a lot of money and the engine took a royal crap so I had to get rid of it. The next was an 88 Cherokee 4dr with the 4.0 with 200K miles. At 220K I had to replace the motor...in which I found a 4.0 in a junk yard from a 91 cherokee with about 57 miles on it for $750. But the body was not taken care of very well and the frame was in rough shape so i had to stop driving it. In the process of fixing it up though! My dream was to make the other 2 what this one is. I paid about $8500 for the 99 with about 66k miles on it. I drove it and fell in love lol. I've got a few upgrades in mind and I plan on taking it offroad for sure. Does anyone know of any courses or tracks in the southern wisconsin/northern illinois area?
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    RE: steering wheel adjustments

    good find my friend. I'm sure you'll be happy with it. You have a good dream
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    RE: ATTN: High miles owners - (above 100k) - dealer serviced

    Well done! It looks like it is a happy jeep indeed :)

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    RE: well the clutch works...

    Excellent find! Nice lookin' XJ

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    Cool air intake

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys! My only problem is that she's too clean! LOL. I need to find somewhere to legally off road this thing and get it dirty! Anyone know of anywhere in the southern Wisconsin/northern Illinois area?

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