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    Roof Rails

    Okay. I LOVEEEE my XJ. But one thing I hate about it, is that it didn't come with the factory roof rack/

    Anybody know what's involved in installing these bad boys? Eventually, i intend on getting a Safari Rack of some kind, and I really don't want to get the gutter mount versions due to them being already a bit askew. I don't want to make the rain gutters any worse.

    As for the inside, I figured to avoid having to peel the interior roof fabric, I could just install a make shift gear holder of some kind, perhaps one for fishing rods, shovel, skis etc. in order to hide the warts and wiskers that'll show on the inside from what ever drilling i do, as well as the bolts/screws that'll be showing.


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    Re: Roof Rails

    The gutter mounts are definately the stronger of the 2.

    I removed my factory rack, rails and all.

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    Gutter mounts are the way to go. That's what I used with my ConFer rack on the XJ I used to have. Sweet rack and very strong. Two of us sat up there in lawn chairs and watched a Talladega race one time.
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    Re: Roof Rails

    I love my THULE rack. Holds my spare tire, lights, and even ME if i feel like climbing up there. Very strong, solid, built in sweden... and it locks on to the roof too! I picked up the feet (ebay) and load bars (local bike shop) for less than 100 bucks.

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