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    ZJ afraid of the dark

    OK, here's the situation.. 95 ZJ. I was in a minor accident which bent the frame a tad up front (thank goodness for the front receiver), no body damage. Now the Jeep is afraid of the dark, I cannot get the interior lights to turn off. I tried manually pushing all the door switches and working the dimmer switch. I even tried the rear light clicking it a few times. The one switch I cannot seem to find is the one for the rear hatch. Where is this one, and does anyone have any ideas how I can diagnose this one?
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    1995 Grand Cherokee w/ swaybar disconnects and 30" tires and a 2000 Grand Cherokee stock.

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    it is inside the latch...i had to take it off my wifes 98 because it was setting the alarm off at night..lol

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    Re: ZJ afraid of the dark

    put a nightlight in the garage for it, see if that helps

    other then that I have no clue.

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