1. rough start, idle, sudden stalling

    This is driving me crazy. The jeep is a 96 cherokee sport with the 4.0 H.O. she just turned 150K the other weekend. I have recently replaced the plugs, wires, cap, rotor, TPS, front O2S, looked at the back and its fine, hi-flo cat within 6 months, cps when the timing gear spun 180*, along with the timing gear and chain.

    Well upon first start up she is running a little rough, almost like a partial misfire. just enough to where not all of the fuel/air is being burned inside the chamber and it tries to stall it a hair. nothing extreme but enough that I can notice it. once the jeep is up to normal temps and running fine, you turn it off and go in somewhere for a bit letting it cool back down and then try to start it again and have to continously crank to get it to finally fire. I am very used to this vehicle firing on the 3-4 rotation of the motor in just about any condition. Then there is the stalling. when you stab the throttle when it is at idle below 800rpm it will try to kill the motor by what seems like flooding/starving the motor, or another way to describe it is when your timing dosent jump like it should.
    I started replacing the cap, plugs wires, and all that after I started noticing these little things going on so i don't think there is any reason to believe they are the culprits of the matter. I am lost now and dont know what else to do/check without pushing this ummm jeep off the side of the hill!! honestly it is to the point now that I think if/when this prob gets fixed I am going to sell it. sorry rant over. if you guys have any ideas or have had previous experiences like this I would greatly appreciate the help. THX.

  2. Re: rough start, idle, sudden stalling

    Check out this thread. Sounds like a fuel problem.


    Not sure on the '96's but on my '97 the fuel pump check valve is the cause for the hard cold starting. It has also done the rough idle a time or two. I let it die and restart and it ran fine. This almost sounds like a fuel filter problem I used to have on a old Grand Prix. Problem is the fuel filter is in the tank on the '97s.

    You have checked the ignition system so it must be a fuel problem.


  3. Re: rough start, idle, sudden stalling

    when the timing chain spun the fuel filter was the first thing I went to becasue the symptoms lead me to believe that it was clogged. when I got it towed back to the house, I also pulled the pump to make sure that it wasn't there. I don't want to think in this mannor, but I am thinking that the ECM is slowly starting to die?

  4. Re: rough start, idle, sudden stalling

    well the MIL finally came on, but I am not sure if this is related to the prob or not. hoping you guys can help out here. I pulled a P0443 evap circut.

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