1. 1997 cherokee no start

    1997 cherokee 6 cylinder ran beautifully turned the engine off for a while and after that it would not restart. The engine turns over fine. I notice that the voltmeter does not work when I turn the key to on and it did before. I cannot hear the fuel pump go on either. My Haynes manual notes that there should be a ign/lps 25A fuse that powers the dash gauges. I cant find it anywhere. All of the fuses in the passenger side kick panel and electrical distribution panel in the engine compartment read good. Does anyone have the wiring diagram for the 1997 Cherokee that they are willing to share. The haynes manual I have 50010 does not appear to have the correct diagrams for it. HELP

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    Re: 1997 cherokee no start

    Try jumping it? Sounds like a bad battery, possibly not gettin recharged by the alternator. It's happened to a girl i work with everytime she turns her engine off she has to be jumped off again but once it's going it runs fine.
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