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    Error Code 43

    My check engine light came on today and I checked the codes on my dash. I got 12, 43, and 55. I know that 12 is nothing major and 55 is the end code... but 43 can mean a number of things...

    Any advice as to what I should do about this?

    Also, I had my jeep off-roading a bit today and went through some deep water. As usual, as soon as I got through to the other side, it starts acting weird. Its like it starts losing all its electrical power... everything gets dim inside, the power steering goes out, and it starts wanting to die... but it eventually picks back up after a minute or so and is good to go. I guess water is getting on my alternator or something... anybody else had this problem? And like I said... it has always done this ever since I've had it (5 years).
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    Re: Error Code 43

    Can't help you with your code, but as for the other....

    Sounds like, with your power steering going out, that your serpentine belt (or belts, not sure what you got) are just getting wet and slipping.......takes a little while to dry them back out - something like brakes. Doesn't sound to me like anything major or anything you can really prevent.
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