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    This probably isn't the right place to post this but here goes anyway. I live in England and owning and running a Grand Cherokee here is getting more and more expensive. My 4.0 ltr, 97 model is having a few problems and I dont trust the local dealer with his answers. They seem to think that because its an american vehicle, no one else but them knows the answers and they can then charge what they like.
    The latest problems are: I get a sort of clunking sound from somewhere on the rear axle. This happens when pulling away from a stand-still at a junction. It happens more if I have stopped at an angled approach. As I pull away I get a sort of shuddering, clunking sound as if there is some sort of brake locked on and as I move it begins to release. (Sorry that the description isn't too good !). It sounds like it is something to do with the diff ? The garage say that its probably the rear clutch plate on the axle and it needs this replacing.
    Problem 2. (last one)
    When I get to about 50mph the car starts shuddering. This doesn't always happen. Perhaps 7 out of 10 times. It is as if it has dropped a gear too early and there isn't enough power to continue accelerating. It is reving at about 1500 rpm at this point. This shuddering continues until about 70mph when it evens out a little. On occasion it looses acceleration for a split second then returns ok. When it does this I have noticed the cruise control light quickly flash. After this happens the fuel guage will sometimes go to empty and the fuel light come on. (Regardless of the amount of fuel in the tank). On the computer display, if I go to "Distance to Empty" it says SC or 5C. After pulling over and leaving things for a while then starting up again, all goes back to normal. I thought it would be something to do with the engine management system. The garage say probably a faulty fuel sender unit and coke on the valves or something in the engine (I cant exactly remember!) It goes into them on Monday 23rd and I thought if anyone would know about Jeeps, it would be you guys over that side of the pond. Hope someone can advise me.

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    I just thought that I would let you know that I took the Jeep into the dealers and when they checked it out they decided that the valve springs were weak. There has been a Technical Services Bullitin issued regarding this matter and appears that there have been weak valve springs fitted in 96/97 Grand Cherokees. Needless to say that this isn't covered in the extended warranty and Jeep will not pay either. The warranty people eventually decided to pay 50% of the bill. The total cost of the work was £221.60. So much for Jeep. I am writing to comlain but dont hold out much hope.

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