1. rear passenger brake keeps locking up

    i have a 91 cherokee laredo. a few months ago replaced the rear brakes, both sides...new hub on the passenger side rear...after doing this, is when it started to lock up before replacing it never did this. after first replacing after driving the rear passenger would smoke and have this god awful smell to it, which we assumed was because it was new and needed to be worn in. well after awhile the smoke stopped but the smell continues. and its only on the rear passenger. it will break free if we back up assuming we have traction and not on snow or ice. we have tried to figure out what in the world is going on with it, we noticed the self adjuster had adjusted itself all the way out, fixed that and it was ok for a little while and now is doing it again just not with smoke. any ideas what can be causing this???

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    Re: rear passenger brake keeps locking up

    Sounds like the brake hardware was assembled incorrectly, or the wheel cylinder is seized.

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    Re: rear passenger brake keeps locking up

    the wheel cylinder on that side is new..it was put in when we did the brakes. as for the brake hardware being assembled wrong i dont think it was but i guess its a possibility so will have to check that..any other possible ideas??

    also....not sure if this is tied in to it or not but at 60mph it shakes.

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