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    Talking 2004 Jeep Cherokee Freedom Edition

    Hey guys. i used to be a member years ago when i was restoring a 1963 CJ5 from the frame up when i was located in Lake Havasu Arizona. i Cant remember my old account name but maybe some of you will remember me, i definitly remember yall! :) but anyways, im hoping to jump back on the jeep train and i am going a bit newer this time. i am meeting with the guy tomorrow to put a down payment on it but i wanted to ask everyone what they think about it and if its a good deal and if this would be an appropriate jeep for offroad use and well as a good warm mountain snow driver. Its a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee obviously and its the freedom edition. it has 69000 miles on it and was drivin mostly by an older gentelmen. IT does have a SALVAGED title which kind of worries me but it was hit from the back right side and the side of the jeep was remolded and painted using what was stock. then the back hatch and back bumper i believed were changed out. It looks fine now and i was assuming since it was hit from behind all the major parts like engine would be fine. I am gettin it for 7000$ total which seems like a killer deal, but he left out the salvaged title part until the end of our first conversation/meeting. of course :) . but if any one could i would like some outside opinions on this. i am going to ask him tomorrow for documentation of the accident and at least a shop record/receipt to see exactly what was damaged and replaced/fixed. Other than that it seems to run very strong, no valve sounds when reved or nothing majorly sounding wrong to me. it drove strong and had a good heavy accelleration and appeared to have no major leaks underneath. but yah. probally to much info here for just and opinion but please JEEP community! help me in a final dicision. THANKS everyone!! JV

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    Re: 2004 Jeep Cherokee Freedom Edition

    Check the tires, If they are brand new or worn more on one side that the other beware. The rear might have taken enough of a hit to cause some misalignment. Better still sneak off to a garage to have the alignment checked. If it's bad it'll eat tires.

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