Hey guys,

This is my first time on a forum and I知 in the market for an 03 wj grand Cherokee limited with the 4.7.I知 also a younger buyer that will need the car for a daily. There are a few questions i have however and I was hoping if the jeep community can help me out

1. Other than dropping valve seats when the car engine gets hot, what other problems are there with the 4.7? I know that it is not as strong as a 4.0, but are they money pits as they age or pretty reliable engines with maintenance?

2. is there any preventative maintenance I should consider if I do buy the truck?

3.What is the overall life expectancy of these trucks? ( how long do they last if they were maintained in the first place?) I知 looking at one that has 144k miles and was taken care of by previous owners and I really want to pull the trigger on it but I知 not sure yet

4. How good is the 545rfe transmission on the WJ Grand Cherokees? Are they pretty bulletproof or would they need to be babied? For further info on myself I won稚 be planning on towing anything just yet, but I plan on doing some light off tossing from time to time. If I drive it pretty conservative, will it last for a long time ?

and finally how good is the quadradrive unit? Is it pretty robust for on and off-road use?

Thank you guys for taking time to look and respond to this thread and hopefully I can buy the truck with the help from everyone in the jeep community, thank you