1. Unhappy Help on the Quadratrac

    I'm looking for some advice. I have a 98 Grand Cherokee with the Quadratrac system. I had some troubles a couple months ago where the 4wd felt like it was always engaged ( I realize the quadratrac is all time 4wd). The jeep would hop around tight turns and got terrible gas mileage even on the downhill stretches. It felt like the vehicle was working very hard all the time.

    Also, I was under the impression that the vehicle panel only lighted up the 4 green tires when the 4wd was active, then would go black when the 4wd was not active. I had never noticed the 4 tires lighted up on the panel until I started having trouble with the corner hopping and tire sqealing. They are now on all the time.

    I went to a local shop that confirmed the transfer case was bad and I had it replaced with a used transfer case. Everything was running great until about a week ago.

    Again I have hopping occuring on turns and feel like the 4wd is always kicking in, and my gas mileage is really poor.

    The panel is always lit up with the 4 green tires. The shop that put in the used transfer case told me that is normal and everything is working fine.

    My question.....is there a switch to the transfer case that can sometimes go bad? I hate to go into the shop and pay $200 for a part that I could replace for $20.

    Should I have the shop diagnose it again???

    Should the green indicator light on the panel be on all the time or only when the 4wd is actively engaged??

    Any help would be great!

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    Re: Help on the Quadratrac

    That's common to the full-time 4wd, if you want it fixed for good you will have the shop swap in a 231 transfer case from a Wrangler or Cherokee. It will require removing the input shaft from your current transfer case and installing it in the 231.

    I'm curious which transfer case you have now. Take a look at the round ID tag on the back of the transfer case, see if it says NV247.

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    Re: Help on the Quadratrac

    I replaced the 249 in my 94 with a 242 from a Cherokee and didn't have to replace the input shaft. Just a thought.

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