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    Sorry to bring up the same topic but this is a different question. I've got a 92 xj and when the wipers are on the drivers side hits the window trim and the passenger one slides all the way off of the window and onto the hood. I've tried adjusting them several times and had no luck. It's like they have a mind of their own sometimes they hit, other times they don't. After watching them for a couple of minutes they slowly move back and forth (the area they stop) and eventaully they get to the point where they run off the window. And the next time they stop where there supposed to. It's really weird....Any ideas

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    Try a slightly shorter blade! tug :-D [addsig]

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    I did what Tug recommended, after looking under the grill in front of my windshield. If you go in there, be careful of the windshield squirter lines, wires and stuff. Probably play in the rod ends form the wiper motor, or at the wipers themselves. Try taking the wiper arm off the rotating lug and twisting with your finger and see if you can´t tell where the play is. The couple of times I was in there, I came to the conclusion, it´s not something you would want to mess with, unless absolutly necessary. When you retighten the screws, use a little grease and finger tip tighten, they strip easily. If the play is in the wiper motor, don´t let Jeep BS you, they can order the parts by the piece, gears and such, instead of changing the whole motor out (expensive).
    Before you turn on the wipers, in the morning, be sure and check, if they are frozen to the windshield. I know you know that, but we all get in a rush sometimes and thats usually what breaks them.
    Good luck, Chuck[addsig]

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