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    popping noise

    Hey all,

    A while back I asked this question is a longer thread but thought I'd start a new one specific to this (rather than the list of issues I had before). Here's the issue. After the engine is warm and I come to a sudden stop (normal braking) I hear a popping/cracking/bubbling noise coming from somewhere beneath the shifter or 12v outlet (best position i can gather). For a while I thought this was just a small hole in my exhaust causing all this noise under back-pressure created from decelerating 45-0. But after further inspection, if i wiggle the shifter while in 2wd it goes away. With this discovery I assume it's something transfer case related.

    Any thoughts on what could be going on here?

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    Re: popping noise

    I should note that the vehicle runs perfectly fine, no knocking on the U-Joints. or anything. I'm also not doing a lot of shifting of the t-case and overall don't drive it very often even though it's my DD (we have really nice public transit out here) so it's pretty much a toy at the moment. If this is a malfunctioning t-case what damage could it do? Also, are their any good way's to check it without tearing everything apart?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: popping noise

    From other forum's i've narrowed the issue down to bad bushings in the linkage. Quick question if anyone is following this. Does your t-case lever have any play in it when set to 2wd?


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    Re: popping noise

    Did you install a transfer case lowering kit when the lift kit was installed?

    The transfer case shifter linkage is a goofy setup, connected to both the transfer case and the tub. Any interference with the shifter bellcrank or worn bushings will cause some strange noises.

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