1. radiator drain plug

    hello, everyone, i can't seem to find the drain plug for the radiator on my 95 cherokee country, 2wd, 4.0. i've never drained it before so i don't know,

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    Re: radiator drain plug

    They're usually on the driver side lower corner by the electricfan.
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    Re: radiator drain plug

    i just looked and i didn't see it, looks like a normal drain plug correct???, or is it above where my steering column thing go into??, and is the lower radiator hose supposed to have a spring in it?

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    Re: radiator drain plug

    Yes, its a normal drain plug. On the bottom corner of the driver side radiator, look for a small piece of rubber hose thats tucked away. This is the drain tube and above it should be the petcock for the drain. Not all radiator hoses have a coil in it.
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  5. Re: radiator drain plug

    Mine is on the passengers side down low. I never mess with it. I put a big pan under the drivers side and disconnect the lower radiator hose on the pump end (or the radiator end if you want to remove the air box). Then wash down the area, with a little clean water. Takes a pretty big catch pan to hold it all.

  6. Re: radiator drain plug

    I have a 92 Cherokee 4.0 - and mine's on the bottom of the radiator, passenger side. It's diffcult to unscrew. Be careful when your unscrewing it, or you'll break it - that will cost you a new radiator.

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    Re: radiator drain plug

    Thanks everyone but it seems thzt the owner before me. put in a after market radiator. but im just going to take off the lower hose on the radiator.

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    You need to pull of the grill to access. Its on the pasanger side bottom!

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    Re: radiator drain plug

    thanks ill give it a try

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