I have a 97 jeep grand cherokee with the v6 with 190,000 plus. yesterday i had the most horrable thing happen. i did an oil change and the oil seal while tighting up the oil filter came off the filter and bunched up. i didn't catch this till i had drove several miles and lost almost all six quarts of oil. my brother rescued me with a new filter and six quarts of oil.

needless to say there there is a valve or lifter noise in cylinders one or two.it didnt have this noise before. when it sat over night and was started cold it doesn't have the noise. ran it for 20 minutes. shut if off and let it cold down then restarted it. noise came back. i took it for a 10 mile drive and it has loss of power from day before and oil pressure instead of 40 plus when warm is now under 40.

my reason for worry is there is two weeks before i leave alaska driving my jeep 3833 miles to kentucky pulling a trailer with all my belongings. i am wondering if any one has any ideas as to what i need to do. i don't want to break down out on the alaska highway.