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    HELP HELP 2nd Row Middle Seat does not fold down

    I have a 08 XK Commander Limited 4.8 and I have been trying to get my middle seat folded down on the 2nd row, but without sucess. When i pull on the cord nothing happens. Seems like the back of the middle seat will not move at all... Anyone have this problem. Like you said i do not want to pull on it to hard. The cord does come out some... hmmmm.. anyone have a idea what i can do next?
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    See if u can look under there to see if the cord is still connected
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    I finally for it working. I took it apart and pulled the handle by hand. Seems like it was just stuck real hard. Now no problems. Thanks.
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  4. Speaking of middle rear seat, does yours recline the same ad the outer two ad mine does not spear to match them?

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