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    AC Drain Plug

    Guys and Gals, I have a 08 Commander Limited 4.7. I noticed that I have no water under my XK when running the AC.. I did notice that the passanger side floor is just alittle dam. I am thinking that my AC Drain Plug is clog. I have read different places the plug might be, but does anyone know for sure where on the 08 it would be.. Thanks Steve...

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    If i remember correctly, the cooling coil drain tube is located above the right side ofthe transmission. Check it for any obstruction and also peel up the carpet and insulation on the passenger floorboard that surrounds the HVAC drain on the firewall. Dry as much as you can with a cloth then let it air dry. Permatex makes a windshield flowable sealer in a small tube. Use this sealer around the HVAC drain inside the cab and let it cure before using the A/C.
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