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    i was wondering if anybody has a good idea for an air intake kit. i know there incredibly easy to make, but a real rip off to but for $100 plus dollars. i know rustys makes a cheap one, but i just want to make my own with a giant filter on the end. any ideas??? by the way i have a 86 with the 2.5 and there is a few little hoses and it looks like some other line that runs to some manifold so id have to compensate for those. thanks


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    Great idea. Even the inexpensive ones are way too $$$. Some are $200. Please.

    I'm doing the same thing on mine. My goal is to only take in air directly from the outside of the engine bay. Colder air = more O2 = more power.

    Smooth runners are better than 'flex' hoses so that kills using plastic flex tubing. I was considering fabricating the runner from aluminum flashing (cheap in Home Depot) using rivets. Sort of like AC ducting - unless you know of a source of smooth plastic tubing 5" in diameter?

    Rusty's sells the K&N conical filter separately, right? That would still mean using an air box of sorts. . .

    What have you designed?


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    PVC is pretty smooth... you could probably work with that... i did some stuff with flexible dryer tubing on my old civic, that worked out pretty good, but i see what you mean with the SMOOTH materials working better.

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    dingus - dryer tubing, that metal stuff may do the trick nicely. Not exactly smooth, but much more than what I was thinking about. Excellent idea. Thanks.[addsig]

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    I bought the rusty's, and it is well worth the money! If you want to make your own find a local custom muffler shop and see if they can stretch a piece of pipe to fit intake hose on one end and k&N on other end, drill a hole in each side of pipe and weld in a couple pieces of steel line to attach the breather / vaccum lines to.
    No matter what you do, I recommend when removing the stock box to seal off some of the holes that were under it, they pass clear thru the wheelwell and water, and major dust can come right up to your new clean k&n. I sealed mine off by cutting a piece of thick tin to fit and laying down some silicone and riviting it to wheelwell. you can see a picture of this by going to the readers rides, and clicking on my ride.


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