1. 2004 jeep grand cherokee 4.0l

    Good evening to everyone my name is frank and I am from florida...my question is that I am driving normal when all of sudden my cherokee shuts off and the "check gauges light" pops up..I close the ignition put it in park and within a few seconds it cranks right back up..it happens every couple of days,I thought it might be the fuel pump but at this point I'm thinking my oil pump might be bad,I'm wondering if the oil pump is going bad will it cause the car to shut off?
    If someone can enlighten me please it be very grateful as my 2 toddlers travel in the same vehicle with me at times,so I must fix this issue A.s.a.p...thanks to everyone that can help...
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    Re: 2004 jeep grand cherokee 4.0l

    Please read,thank you...

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    Re: 2004 jeep grand cherokee 4.0l

    Hey Franklo ! Welcome to Jeepz.com ! Sorry we did not get your post in time , sometimes a post is missed if it does not appear in current or subscribed threads but through no error of yours , since we may not have looked in the other sections defined for specific model or classification of posting reason , I.e. , electrical problem , performance , etc. . We members try to read over different threads for new posts , particularly new members , but some posts get read a little late . So many posts but working to catch up. Ok , first we need the trouble code logged as there should be one since the " check engine " light has lit more than once. Either go to an autozone or a parts store who will read codes free of charge to get code or codes stored . You may try to get these codes yourself by activating the MIL lamp ( malfunction indicator lamp ) by cycling the ignition switch on and off three times and leave ignition on third cycle and a "P" code should appear on the instrument cluster in digital format. You can search that code by googling on line a site to read trouble codes for OBD 2 systems. Regardless , a fault has triggered the AUTO SHUTDOWN RELAY to shut down ignition . As you have stated , oil pressure low , engine coolant temperature hot , etc. will trigger PCM ( engine controller computer ) to shut down ignition to avoid serious damage as you've also stated. You may research and/ or post back your finding and a member shall seek to assist you . Hope nothing serious or expensive is wrong . Post back when you can . Thank you for your membership and will help in any way we can . Greg

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