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    Jeep runs ruff

    Hi I got a 98 jeep cherokee sport it's lifted 6.5 inches, has fender flairs, and full exhaust system but I'm having this problem when i start it it runs great for awhile until it gets to running temp when I'm driving it and I'm at a dead stop and then take off it will start to lose power and start popping threw the air box then I have to push the gas to the floor for it to go and it gains power back. My buddy put his scanner on it and it said tps sensor and map sensor was faulty but I changed out the tps and it still does it does anyone kno if the map sensor can cause this problem before I spend $70 on a map sensor...... If anyone else has had this problem before and could tell me wat they did to fix it it would be great thanks

  2. Map sensor yes and cps too

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    Replaced both of them

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    Re: Jeep runs ruff

    That model has problems with developing a short in the wiring harness to the CPS sensor. When the Jeep is idling and running well, move the CPS harness as much as possible and see if you can replicate the stumbling.

  5. You may have a vacuum leak. That will effect timing.
    Also sounds like a dirty fuel filter.

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