I want to buy a new Serpentine belt. I was thinking to go with Gates.

1. Is Gates good?
2. Should I get the belt tensioner changed as well, and go with Gates too here? From Rockauto...
3. What about the idler pulley?
4. What about the tensioner pulley, should I get that changed too?

Thanks. :thumbsup:

I see there is an Idler pulley More Information for HAYDEN 5018

and a tensioner pulley More Information for GATES 38009

Which one should I change?

If I changed both pulleys and the tensioner itself along with the serpentine belt, would the labor cost go much higher you think?

Ok last call guys, do I change just the serp belt, or the belt and all the pulleys and tensioner? If I were to take a picture of how it looks under my hood would it help you tell me? Thanks for the info!!