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    2005 Liberty DTCs

    Hello Folks

    I'm new to this forum. Have read a few threads and it seems like there are some really knowledgeable folks on here, so here goes...

    I recently bought a 2005 Liberty with 3.7L engine. First DTC was cylinder 4 misfire and engine ran really rough. The dealer replaced a coil pack and that took care of that issue. Several days later (but not many miles) had P0430, which is a bank 2 sensor 2 efficiency code. Tried a product called Cataclean, erased the code. Light stayed off for a few drive cycles, then came back on. Went and bought a new Denso downstream sensor, but before I installed it the light went off. Figure I had the sensor so I installed it. Immediately DTC P0058 came up, which I understand MAY indicated I did not connect the plug properly. Had bad lighting and could not see it very well. I did hear a "click" so thought I had it plugged in properly, I'll check that tonight. Hopefully that will resolve that problem.

    BUT, when I checked the DTC this AM (rainy wet morning) I saw a code for cylinder 3 misfire. Now I'm wondering if this engine is known to have problems with misfires/coils?

    Any thoughts out there on what might be going on? Thanks very much!

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    Other than the electrical portion of the ignition system, I've seen 3.7 's slip the rocker on top of the valve every so often. Check and make sure all the rockers on bank 2 are tight and not deformed. Compression test the cylinder and compare it to the other ones. One thing to also check is the injector. Swap it from another cylinder and see if the misfire moves. If it does, the injector is intermittently failing.

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    Re: 2005 Liberty DTCs

    Thanks for the advice!

    As for misfires/coils, does this engine have knwon issues relating to the coils themselves? The dealer said they can be touchy if subjected to much water. They cleaned the engine compartment with some kind of sprayer or pressure washer, and he attributed the cyl 4 misfire to that.

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    Re: 2005 Liberty DTCs

    P0058 appears to be resolved. Apparently I did not fully connect the sensor plug. Now need to see if P0430 comes back or not.

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