1. 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited, 4.7L V8 overheating

    I've had my jeep for a little over a year and have gone 500+ miles in it. Just recently I was going up to Bryce canyon and I noticed I was red lining. I pulled off popped the hood to let it cool down. I heard a noise like someone was flicking the hose that runs coolant to the radiator. I waited till it cooled down and when I went forward it started to shoot back up so I reversed to park again and when I reversed it shot back down to normal. It doesn't over heat around town or while it's idling. It gets a little above half when I'm going freeway speeds and it over heats anytime I'm going up the mountain. Or if I am out on a dirt road for a few hours and punch it but it hasn't red lined since? I'm not incredibly wealthy and can't really afford to take it to a shop just to have them do something I could do. Any suggestions?

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    Re: 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited, 4.7L V8 overheating

    Welcome to jeeps.com . 4.7 liter jeeps are on the lines of complicated but maybe your cooling system issue could be simple . When the engine is cool , try to spray water from a garden hose through the radiator and condenser . That is really the proper way to clean a radiator ( and a/c co sensor) but sometimes hard to,reach under the hood. At least spray water through grille if you just but you want the cooling fins on both , radiator and condenser to be clean to,provide proper air flow. Wondering if the cooling system is air bound. When coolant level drops , air gets into,system and coolant pressure is low and coolant dosen't circulate well despite water pumps efforts. Thermostat and water pump condition should be considered. A,water,pump,that dosen't circulate coolant well contributes to overheating. A,thermostat that opens late or not enough also keeps hot coolant in the engine too long. If electric fan is working right the problem shouldn't be too technical. Check these items and please post back .
    P.S.- forgot to mention hoses ! What are the condition of the hoses ? If any hose , particularly the upper or lower radiator hose get squeezed by suction of coolant pressure and collapse , the coolant won't circulate due to this restriction. More items to check !
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