1. Jeep Grand Cherokee - 1997

    I have always heard that the 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee was one of their best eras. I have been eyeing a Jeep Grand Cherokee 97' that I cannot get my mind off of for the last while. I test drove it awhile back, but it had a few issues I was concerned about. #1 - the gas pedal was insanely loose (I heard this could be the result of a throttle cable?) as the other few Jeeps I have driven in the past few days, from other dealerships... the gas pedal has in fact, been loose. #2 This Jeep has a sealed sunroof, I am unsure of why it was sealed, but it was sealed and I am unsure of the cost to fix this or how to go about fixing this. #3 The mpg automatic screen where the cup holders are, is dead, but supposedly is an easy fix. The Jeep has a slight "shock" to it when you're driving in sometimes, as in a VERY vague "shock" - almost like it VAGUELY "jolts", the dealer said this was slightly normal with the older Jeep's. #4 The brake is a little "hard" - I wouldn't say hard, but the brakes are a little hard to touch, I guess? Now, I believe the brakes are new. Now, I do trust this dealer. He is EXTREMELY unfront about EVERYTHING... plus he's good friend's with the family. The Jeep is in AMAZING condition on the inside, and you can tell the outside has literally probably never been taken off road, as they have said themselves. The outside has a few scuffs, but nothing serious. It has BRAND NEW Michelin tires on it. Under the hood looks amazing. Under the Jeep looks awesome. Very clean. 5.2 V8 OHV 16V FI Engine, 4x4. 169k on the odometer. He's willing to work with me too - about $3500 I agreed to, total which includes tax/tags/etc. Interior is BEAUTIFUL. Not one scratch on the inside. I am going to go test drive it again because I can't get this one outta my mind, for some reason, I keep being dragged to it. Thoughts? What would you do? Does it sound like a good risk?

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    Re: Jeep Grand Cherokee - 1997

    If it's a full-time 4wd, which I'm betting it is, the jolt could be the transfer case going out. Common for that era.

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    Re: Jeep Grand Cherokee - 1997

    and the v8 models do not last like the 4.0 inline 6 does. the v8 are more known for overheating and cracking heads.
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    Re: Jeep Grand Cherokee - 1997

    Are you an off roader? If so, maybe a CJ-7, Wrangler style?

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    Re: Jeep Grand Cherokee - 1997

    I am not a big off roader, the Jeep will be driven maybe a few miles a day. I live deep in the country part, but I'll be doing a lot of hiking and camping. I plan to go again today to check it out for the millionith time, however, if everything checks out, I think it would be a risk for the price. You can't find anything that price in this area, with as good as interior/etc that it has.

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    Jeep Grand Cherokee - 1997

    Take it for a day of driving. Let it get to temp then sit and cool. Cool meaning coolant less than 65deg. Do this three times within a day. Any CEL lights that were deleted will show.

    Also a dealer saying any noise is expected either doesn't know and doesn't want you to be alarmed or knows and doesn't want you to probe.

    Dealer told me clicking on my new pickup was expected. The cracked leaf spring fell out 20 mi later. There was a TSB out a month earlier. :-/

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    Re: Jeep Grand Cherokee - 1997

    I am also getting it checked out by a mechanic, so gonna see what's up with it. The dealers will be upfront with you though, and he was upfront and said while he's not an expert on cars, he has *heard* older models can do that slight jolt/shock as older 4x4's, he's heard can do that. I've driven it and it's a great little ride. I'll have to update y'all and let y'all know what happens after the mechanic looks it over.

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    Re: Jeep Grand Cherokee - 1997

    I think you are going to get it no matter what we warn you of, which is fine, its your money, i just hope she is a good deal and doesn't give you any trouble
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    Re: Jeep Grand Cherokee - 1997

    Could you elaborate on what makes that year better then others ?

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    Re: Jeep Grand Cherokee - 1997

    Didn't work out, which was fine. I followed the advice, was having it checked out by a mechanic, they decided to lie about it and ended up selling it to someone else.

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    Re: Jeep Grand Cherokee - 1997

    I own and drive both a 98 and 97. My 97 doesn't have a shock/jolt, the brakes being touchy (lightly press and instant stop) means they are good (If having to press harder than normal to stop then bad), gas pedal has spring on it as well as the throttle body and loose is bad (not just a cable), next time if lower screen is dead check bulds in gauges in dash when first starting (They should all light up for a second to test, including the check engine light). V8 engines have a habit of blowing head gaskets on jeeps 04 and older. If looking for a jeep 04 and older I recommend it have a 4.0L i6 motor with selec-track transfer case (will say selec-track by 4x4 shifter and the shift selection will be 2x4, 4x4 part-time, 4x4 full-time, n, 4x4 low). There is a rare all-time 4x4 hydro-track on the market (for sale online aftermarket part) that uses a hydrolic pto style system in the transfer case to power the front drive-shaft instead of a chain.

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