1. Jeep XJ stear floating???

    I recently put a lift kit in a 99 cherokee sport (xj) when driving down the road it will pull from side to side, if the movements in the steering wheel are small and controlled its some what drive able up to 45-50 mph but over correction on the wheel results in a sort of death wobble, at lower speeds (35-40) its contollable at higher speeds its dangerous, i dont know where to begin looking all of the front end is tight, during the alignment the front tires where in alignment with the back, any ideas on where i should look or how to diagnose and fix this??

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    Jeep XJ stear floating???

    With the jeep on the ground. Look at the track bar and drag link. Do he parallel each other or cross at some point?

    Do you have a lift and larger tires than stock?

    Have you had it aligned? Check the caster angle.


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    Re: Jeep XJ stear floating???

    I'd find a competent shop to do an alignment. Front tires in line with the rear tires doesn't cut it.

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