1. Patriot 4x4 Tire Replacment

    I had a quick question on a 2008 Jeep Patriot Limited 4x4. The front tires are worn, especially the right one. And the car is always pulling to the right. I am guessing that I need to go to a dealer and get the front alignment checked and adjusted and then have the front tires replaced.

    My question is whether it is OK to just replace 2 tires vs all 4 tires. The manual is silent on this, and I have not been able to find anything online regarding this issue. I am guessing that since it is not an AWD that doesn't have a prohibition (like Subaru or Audi) that it is probably OK. And since it is a 4x4 would it matter if the new tires are installed in the front or rear for traction and hydroplaning?

    Thanks for your time and input.

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    Patriot 4x4 Tire Replacment

    You could replace just 2. Be sure you buy the same size tire Do not go up or down in diameter or width.

    The front tires wearing tells me you are not rotating tires. It is easy to do every oil change or every two oil changes. Being the right is worse than the left, you might expect some part is worn. Bad shocks or struts, ball joints, tie rods or wheel bearing. It could be low tire or unbalanced tires as well being you don't rotate the tires.


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    Re: Patriot 4x4 Tire Replacment

    "You could replace just 2. Be sure you buy the same size tire Do not go up or down in diameter or width."
    Yup, and I may also suggest getting high-quality tires for your Jeep. 4WheelOnline has a huge selection of them, and they're all very affordable.

  4. Re: Patriot 4x4 Tire Replacment

    What type of tires are you going for?

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