1. A/C proble 1996 Cherokee

    My Jeep A/C stopped working I checked the Freon and was empty, I filled it with A/C pro which has a sealer in it it is now full and holding pressure but th Compressor clicks on and off every few seconds.I replaced the high side cut out switch and the low side cycling pressure switch and still have same problem. My Freon is reading 45lb then pulsates down to 25-28 lbs. When I bypass the low side switch the clutch engages and stays on. However the compressor gets hot as well as the area near the high side cut out switch. the line leading to the H block is cold. Any suggestions as to what to do next.

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    Re: A/C proble 1996 Cherokee

    I'm fairly new will AC, however I've bought some gauges, and replaced the compressor in my wife's truck, and recharged my Jeep a couple of times.

    A couple of questions:
    1. Did you ever find and fix the leak that caused the problem? You can buy refrigerant that has dye in it you can see with special glasses. It makes finding a leak pretty easy. Looks like this:

    2. Before you refilled your system, did you remove the air from it? Normally if there is a leak, and the refrigerant escapes, it will be replaced by air. You need to vacuum out that air before refilling it. I used this vaccum on my Jeep:

    I"m by no means an expert, but from what I've read, compressor cycling quickly is a sign of low refrigerant.
    One thing that took me a while to realize - your system is designed to hold a certain amount of refrigerant, for example 3lbs. You'll want to remove everything, draw it down to a vaccum, then put the proper number of cans (ounces) of refrigerant into the system. Make sure that if you've taken it down to 0 that you're replacing both the refrigerant and the oil.
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    Re: A/C proble 1996 Cherokee

    The last comment is important.
    Vac out the air
    Be sure there is oil in the system.

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