1. Hesitation while driving at freeway speeds

    I have a 99 2 door XJ, 4.0L 6 cylinder 4x4. I recently replaced the distributor after getting a check engine light for the camshaft positioning sensor. I started it up and it ran fine after a test drive. The next time I started it up it ran very tough, sputtered and threw a code. I removed the distributor, repositioned it and after replacing the problem seemed to be fixed.

    However, shortly after replacing the distributor, I started getting a hesitation from my engine at freeway speeds. It seldom happens in a lower gear but it feels like the jeep is hiccuping. Its a very unsettling feeling and I want to address it and fix it as soon as possible. There are no codes that pop up when this happens and it usually happens between 50-70mph. Any ideas of what to check or where to start?

    I also recently got a code p1694 and p1698 not sure if these could be related but thought I would mention it. These codes have come and gone and im not sure if it is the TCM or a wiring issue.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Hesitation while driving at freeway speeds

    That's a tough one. The hesitation never happened on the old distributor right?

    I'd expect some sort for check engine light if the wires were mixed up, however I'd start by checking those - make sure you have each plug wire going to the proper cylinder.
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    Re: Hesitation while driving at freeway speeds

    For the hesitation does it happen at a specific peddle position?

    P1698 - No CCD Messages received from PCM Bus communication failure to PCM. A Companion DTC was set in both the ECM and PCM. DTC P1698: NO BUS MESSAGES RECEIVED FROM PCM Monitor & Set Conditions PCM is monitored for receiving BUS messages with ignition on and engine off and with engine running. DTC may set if there is no communication with the PCM.
    There is a lengthy troubleshooting method. Ill post up later. For now please answer the first question.

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  4. Re: Hesitation while driving at freeway speeds

    Possible timing issue. Was the distributor timed when it was installed. Too much advance would cause it to hesitate on the highway when you tried to accelerate.

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