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    Liberty head gasket question

    Hello, I'm a newbie so if this is a repeat question/post I apologise in advance. I bought a 2008 liberty Limited 4x4 from a co-worker who bought it new and his daughter had been driving it, apparently it overheated a couple times with her, it was losing coolant but no visible leaks. They took it to a mechanic who said that the thermostat was stuck open and a head gasket was bad so they parked it. I drove it about 50 miles home after topping it off with coolant, it never overheated but I did see some steam once while stopped at a traffic light from the area of the grill. I flushed it out, noticed that even after letting it idle for about 45 minutes with the heat wide open that it wasn't blowing hot, but the heat works great while driving. Is that a thermostat issue? Water and oil is not mixing, I've drove it a couple times just to see if it would overheat but it hasn't. I'm wanting some input from the experts in which path to take. Since the water and oil isn't mixing and it's not yet overheated with me, not blowing warm air at idle but does while driving what's the best plan. It has 183000 miles on it
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    Newbee looking for information

    If I were in your shoes I would as you have check for coolant in the oil and oil in the coolant. Also coolant in the exhaust. Coolant can get into the cylinder and pushed out the exhaust. If not repaired da,age to the cylinder and poor idle and power. Borrow a pressure test system and test the system. Just don't pressurize past 18 or 19 psi.
    If no sign head issues or leaks continue.

    The simplest thing is to burp the system by parking on an incline run the engine with the radiator cap off until all the air comes out. Squeez the top hose to help it along. Let it cool top it off and be sure the overflow is filled. Replace the cap. Watch water levels and oil levels.
    What I'd do.
    Then flush the system using the prestone flush. Not sure if that has a heater valve. Most jeeps don't but GMs do. So keeping the heater on hi so the heater core gets flushed as well. And making sure you rinse all out. I put the hose in the radiator and disconnect the top hose. Keep the water running until all the fluid comes out clear. Drain all the water out.

    Then I'd address the head gasket, thermostat, maybe the water pump. The no heat could be a bad pump or air in the system. Buy a new radiator cap. $5

    Once all buttoned back up fill with distilled and coolant HOAT or Zerex G05 60/40. More water. Unless you are where it gets -30.


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    Re: Newbee looking for information

    lso coolant in the exhaust. Coolant can get into the cylinder and pushed out the exhaust

    A big symptom of coolant in the exhaust is white exhaust smoke although sometimes it will go out the exhaust and not be noticed.

    Be sure to keep a close eye on your coolant level until you get it figured out!

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