1. new here needs thoughts on Liberty

    I bought a 06 liberty two months ago to use as a work vehicle. Three weeks afterwards the check engine light came on during a snow storm. code said catalytic converter. two days later however the light went off. the light has never came back on. the performance isnt great but not so bad that its causing any real problems. Im kinda stuck on whether or not to proceed with changing the converter out and taking the financial hit. I found the converter for $390 online. work has been good as of late so Im probably going to go ahead and buy the thing and wait until the time is right to put it in. just lookin for thoughts on the light coming on then going off. Could the performance thing be something other than the converter....does fine until I start going up a grade. I have to peddle down to keep up. rpm jumps and it catches up fine. I really dont know if maybe thats normal for the liberty. ? I put the back seats down and haul tools and materials in the back. last week I had the thing weighed down with drywall mud and ladders and walk boards strapped in on top. with the added weight I didnt notice any changes in performance.

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    new here needs thoughts on Liberty

    You could do the key dance and get the code if stored. But if it went out its likely nothing. Post up the codes you had or find.
    Do not fix what is not broken.

    As for performance do the easy and cheap first.
    Put a clean air-filter in. Clean the throttle body and IAC
    Check your battery by load testing it.
    Clean all battery connections to shine. Clean the opposite ends of the grounds at the body and engine.
    You might consider flushing the transmission.
    If hesitates at a specific pedal location change the TPS.

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